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Support Connection

We will assist a participant to understand the aspects of the plan, assisting in ongoing management of supports, and answer questions as they arise..


Coordination of Support

We focus on supporting participants to direct their lives, not just their
services. This may include resolving points of crisis, and developing
resilience in the participant's network. 


Community Participation

With one of our dedicated staff by your side, we can help you get out and
about to participate in social activities, sport or to catch up with friends and


Support Coordination

Invictus Disability Support Services coordinators have a background in
working with people with a disability and their families and have a qualification in Social work with extensive experience working with people with psycho-social disabilities and those who are involved in the justice system.


Assistance with daily living

Having support with everyday tasks such as getting ready for the day or cleaning the house
allows you to live independently at home with assistance from our caring and experienced staff.



The NDIS has ruled that no NDIS service provider or financial intermediary can convert NDIS
Core Support funding to cover kilometre costs for support workers to transport client


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